Phi Delta Theta IUPUI

Pie a Phi Spring 2019


On April 16, 2019, the men of Phi Delta Theta Indiana Mu at IUPUI hosted our annual spring philanthropy event to raise money for the LiveLikeLou Foundation. All proceeds will go to battling ALS and providing support to the families affected by the disease. Overall, the event was successful and over $600 dollars were raised to go directly to the LiveLikeLou Foundation in just 7 hours!


LiveLikeLou Foundation Fundraiser Pie a Phi Spring 2019


LiveLikeLou Foundations Meaning to Phi Delta Theta Indiana Mu

The LiveLikeLou Foundation means a lot to the men of Phi Delta Theta Indiana Mu. It gives us a way to work to raise money for a horrific disease and know that the money we raise goes to a place where it will actually do good. The Foundation was founded by a fellow brother, who was diagnosed with ALS when he was 47 years old. He passed away 3 years after he was diagnosed, but his wife, Suzanne now runs the Foundation in her husband's name. 

They focus on two things: 1. Providing money to help fund research to find a cure for ALS. 2. Support ALS patients and their families. 

The LiveLikeLou Foundation is run by all volunteers, so the overhead is minimal. Almost all the money raised goes directly to one of the two causes outlined above. This is why the men of Phi Delta Theta Indiana Mu respect and are so happy to raise money for the Foundation. We are confident that our money is going to the right place. 


The Support at IUPUI

We appreciate the support that the IUPUI campus gave us this year at our annual fundraiser. We could not have raised the money that we did without you. Thank you! Thank you also to everyone who played a role in the planning process. This event could not have happened without the volunteers and coordinators who did such a remarkable job!