Phi Delta Theta IUPUI

Phi Delta Theta Indiana-Mu 

Phi Delta Theta Indiana Mu was chartered in 2015. As a relatively new chapter, we are still building a name for ourselves on campus. To build a name for ourselves we are first working to build our chapter's character. To build our character, we are following our founder's footsteps. We are guided by three pillars. Those pillars are friendship, sound learning, and moral rectitude. It is these three pillars that every Phi Delt chapter uses as their foundation. It is one thing that holds us all together in the brotherhood and sets us apart from other IUPUI fraternities.


As Phi Delts we pride ourselves on friendship. As fraternity brothers, we are all friends. We also reach out and participate on campus. A big way that we interact on campus is through IUPUI's intermural leagues. We like to win and we have a good time doing it. Through sports, we build bonds with our brothers and make friends with fellow students and faculty on campus. We also hold brotherhood events to strengthen our bonds.

Being a part of a commuter campus, it is critical that you find some sort of group to gain a footing on campus. IUPUI fraternities give you that foothold. Being as one of our pillars is friendship, you can be confident that you will be able to create those lasting memories and friendships that everyone thinks of when they recall their college days.

Indiana Mu intermurals

phi delta theta sound learning

Sound Learning 

The second pillar is sound learning. We all value our educations. Our scholarship chair cares a lot about our grades. We have a scholarship program in place to help our members succeed. As a chapter we all help each other to ensure that we all can achieve to our highest ability in the classroom. We know that we are at school with one overarching goal. That goal is a degree. The Phi Delta Theta Indiana Mu chapter values academic and self achievement greatly. There are incentives for those Phi Delts who go above and beyond when it comes to their education. Our headquarters awards scholarships to members do well academically. They also offer other scholarships. We value leadership and all forms of personal achievement and improvement. These things do not go unnoticed.

Moral Rectitude

Moral Rectitude is the third pillar of our foundation. As Phis we don't only show moral rectitude at our chapter meetings each week. We don't live with moral integrity only around other Phis. We act with moral rectitude every day. We are Phi Delta Thetas 24/7 and we strive to act as such every minute of each day. We value the Phi Delta Theta name and have no intentions of blemishing it. 

PDT rectitude